Wednesday 20th January 2021


Made in 2017. Director: Amit Masukar; India; 106 mins; subtitles.
Newton, a new government clerk, is sent to a remote area to conduct an election. Faced with opposition and difficulties from all sides he is determined to do his job whatever happens. This combines a serious look at Indian elections and bureaucracy, with a nice sense of humour.

Wednesday 30th September 2020

Her Love Boils Bathwater

Made in 2016. Director: Ryota Nakano; Japan; 125 mins; subtitles.
A gentle, powerful film about a strict but caring Japanese Woman. Her family’s Bathhouse business has gone under and she is now a single mother. Can her self-sacrifice and strength revive the Bathhouse and manage her family’s future? An uplifting deeply moving story of love and loss.