Whats On

Wednesday 28th October 2020

Short Films evening

123 minutes including a 5 minute break.
Our short films evening showing for the first time in the main auditorium. 11 short films with a mix of live action, animation, serious issues, and humour. Expect murder, kidnap, pregnancy, voyeurism, refugees, a fox and a mouse, a body, home hairdressing, a returning I.S. fighter, fast-changing faces, and frogs.

We’ll not be handing out programme for this ‘Short Films’ evening but you can find details of the shorts here.

Wednesday 14th October 2020

Cold War

Made in 2018. Director: Pawel Pawilkowski; Poland; 89 mins; subtitles.
Set mainly in Poland, early in the Communist era, this is a scintillating portrayal of a passionate love affair. Shot in black and white the cinematography is stunning, and combines with memorable melodies of traditional rural Poland. Zula and Wiktor are deeply in love, but is that enough?

Wednesday 30th September 2020

Her Love Boils Bathwater

Made in 2016. Director: Ryota Nakano; Japan; 125 mins; subtitles.
A gentle, powerful film about a strict but caring Japanese Woman. Her family’s Bathhouse business has gone under and she is now a single mother. Can her self-sacrifice and strength revive the Bathhouse and manage her family’s future? An uplifting deeply moving story of love and loss.

Wednesday 16th September 2020

JoJo Rabbit

Made in 2019. Director: Taika Waititi; USA; 108 mins.
Set at the end of WW II the film stars JoJo, a boy in the Hitler Youth whose imaginary friend is Hitler. His mother and a Jewish girl make him confront propaganda and his indoctrinated views. A comic, tragic, touching satirical film about anti-Semitism and Nazism.