We are continuing with the programme as planned with two showings of each film at 5:30pm and 8:00pm as usual. However, due to the Covid-19 constraints currently in place we are restricting each audience to 45 people and all members are required to wear a face mask at all times when inside the Old Sunday School.
An online booking system is in place. Members are able to register to attend the next film – either the 5:30 or 8:00pm showing. Click (READ MORE) for the next film for more details.
The booking system will be available for only one film at a time. Booking for the next film will only be available once the previous film has been shown.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions….

When and where can I make a reservation for a film?

  • You can book seats for any given film from about 10pm on the evening that the previous film is shown. So bookings for the ‘Short Films’ evening will be available on the ‘Short Films’ page of the website from about 10pm on the evening of 14th October just as ‘Cold War’ is finishing.

How many seats are available for booking for each film showing?

  • We can safely seat 45 people in the auditorium. This allows sufficient space between members plus seats for the volunteers without people feeling stressed by uncomfortably close neighbours. Note that volunteers automatically get a seat for the film so if you would like to volunteer as a steward please fill in the form on the Contact page of the website or send an email to

Is it fair that only a fraction of members who have each paid £24 can get to see any given film?

  • Perhaps not, but to be clear the £24 is for annual membership of Silkscreen Film Society rather than £1.85 for each of 13 films. The simplest alternative would have been to cancel the season and wait for things to return to normal. The Committee felt that we should not do this but should make every effort to run the season as best we could within the constraints of Covid restrictions. Many members have decided not to rejoin this year because they are shielding or are risk-averse or simply don’t fancy the idea of wearing a face mask for a couple of hours to watch a film. That’s perfectly reasonable and understandable. We have about 250 members so far this season whereas we would have over 400 in a normal year and of the 250 some have rejoined as a gesture of support and have indicated that they will not be attending the screenings.

Can I book ahead for a film later in the season?

  • No. We are only making bookings available one film at a time. In part this is to prevent block-booking but also because we don’t know what will happen over the coming weeks and months or how restrictions may change.

Is it ok to turn up on the night without a reservation in case there is a seat available?

  • Please don’t do this. We have a legal obligation to adhere to our Covid security rules so if there isn’t a late seat available we would have to turn you away and that will be embarrassing and stressful for our stewards. Also, we do not want extra people hanging around the entrance as the audience members come in.

It’s a bit unfair on people without internet access who will not be able to make bookings.

  • We have several members who are not internet users but they are getting friends or family to book for them. Remember you can book on behalf of somebody else .. it’s the person turning up to see the film who should be the member or guest, not necessarily the person making the booking. Also, there are more and more organisations and activities that require online booking; this is a common problem.

If a film is sold out is there a waiting list?

  • Yes. Once the current film is sold out a waiting list is opened. To get on the list fill in the form on the Contact page of the website or send an email to Please make it clear how many seats you want and whether for the 5:30 or 8:00 showing or either.

If I’ve made a booking but can’t come can I cancel?

  • Yes. If you have an Eventbrite account you can cancel the booking yourself but better is to fill in the form on the Contact page of the website or send an email to Then website admin can cancel your booking and allocate the seat(s) to the next person on the waiting list. Note that as the weather deteriorates more people will pick up sniffles and colds and need to isolate just in case. The waiting list, cancellations and reallocation of seats will become more important.

Can members bring guests?

  • We do not prevent members from bringing guests but we do ask that guests pay the £4 charge at the door as usual.

Films get booked up very quickly. Will there be more showings for each film?

  • The Old Sunday School is generally booked for Cinemac films and we plan screening dates and times a year in advance in cooperation with Cinemac and other users of the Old Sunday School. At the moment, other users of the auditorium are not getting the audiences they expected or hoped for so there may be some flexibility. However, there is also the problem of volunteers. We frequently struggle to find these for the two showings we currently have, especially getting projectionists. To add a third showing would be very difficult but this and other options remain under consideration.

Why don’t we make the films available to stream online from the website, then all the members can watch them?

  • If anybody knows how to do this easily, cheaply and within the constraints of the normal film distribution licence please contact Paul (Website admin) at