Italian for Beginners (2000)

Wednesday 16th November 2016

Italian for Beginners (2000)

112 minutes with subtitles

Director: Lone Sherfig
A self-selecting group with diverse motives attend an Italian for Beginners evening class. The film explores with gentle humour the hopes and fears of this group of isolated people as they try to bring balance and happiness to their lives. Touching and rewarding.

Human without being overly sentimental, the film is touching and written with humour by its director, even though – like all romance – it relies too heavily on coincidence. Coupled with consistently strong performances from the ensemble cast, Italian for Beginners is a warm and genuine crowd pleaser.

The screenplay is measured and finds decent humour in predictable scenarios, and the tone throughout is generally upbeat. You might not remember an awful lot about it afterwards, but Italian for Beginners is very enjoyable stuff while it lasts.