Phoenix (2014)

Wednesday 1st March 2017

Phoenix (2014)

94 minutes with subtitles

Director: Christian Petzold, Germany

A gripping psychological drama of love, memory and betrayal in post-war Berlin which builds to a perfect ending. A haunting and unsettling human story, wonderfully acted. It is also a reflection on how an entire country deals with the tragedy of war.

Tense, complex, and drenched in atmosphere, Phoenix is a well-acted, smartly crafted war drama that finds writer-director Christian Petzold working at peak power.

(Rotten Tomatoes)

Christian Petzold’s masterful Phoenix is a film that firmly cements its director as one of the most impressive working today. Petzold’s film resonates long after its perfect ending. This is a riveting piece of work that never loses sight of its human story while also serving as a commentary for how an entire country deals with tragedies like war. A film this satisfying on every level – one that can be enjoyed purely for its narrative while also providing material for hours of discussion on its themes – is truly rare.
(Roger Ebert)