The Artist and the Model (2012)

Wednesday 14th December 2016

The Artist and the Model (2012)

105 minutes with subtitles

Director: Fernando Trueba, France

Set in rural France in World War II. A young woman becomes a nude life model for a famous but elderly artist. The two slowly share their understanding of life and art against a background of a wider world at war. A gentle film beautifully shot in black and white.

It’s perhaps easy to make too much of a film like The Artist and the Model. But it’s also easy to make too little of it and I’d rather run the prior risk. It’s minor, of course. But it’s also well made, well acted, intelligently written and more intricate emotionally than it first appears. It is, above all, likable – one of those quiet surprises that resonates more than you think it will.

This lovingly crafted drama from Fernando Trueba has the nature of life and love at its heart. These age-old themes are examined through the affect that a young, wild muse has on an elderly artist who has lost his inspiration, against the backdrop of a backwater of occupied France. More sedate than scintillating, it is nevertheless impressively shot by newcomer Daniel Vilar – a name to look out for – and beautifully acted.
(Eye For Film)